Flowers in Attico

If you are looking for a good Rooftop Restaurant, good music (where dancing could break out at any moment) & is off the beaten path, Hurry on down to Attico before the masses find out. Attico, located atop the. Cambria Hotel, in Philadelphia’s downtown area will be busting at the seams in no time. The refreshingly cool atmosphere was topped off with a great DJ. … Continue reading Flowers in Attico

Brunch is better with Beauty!

One of the absolute best brunch hotspots! I fought with myself about sharing this jewel but hey, that’s what this blog is all about. In the lower east side section of NYC, is where this hidden treasure will be found. It’s outside appearance makes you question what type of establishment you are about to enter, then you are pleasantly surprised and will not be disappointed … Continue reading Brunch is better with Beauty!

“The Bar” @ Baccarat Hotel NYC

This place is an entire Mood! Beautiful chandeliers, lovely crystal glassware, gorgeous roses everywhere. The terrace is cozy and inviting, the perfect place for spring & summer nights for 2019. You can get a small bites at the the Bar that include but not limited to, grilled cheese & tomato soup, shrimp poppers or delicious macaroons. Then you can order a glass of champagne starting … Continue reading “The Bar” @ Baccarat Hotel NYC