This one time in Phucket.

Traveling to Thailand was by far, the furthest I have traveled and it has changed my life.

Traveling is nothing new, I have my favorite places and frequent them as much as I can but when my girlfriend said let’s do something different… Let’s go to Phucket. My adventurous side was immediately excited but my more comfort zone side went straight for all the reasons we shouldn’t go.  Boy am I glad that I jumped out of the box!

Not allowing myself to think too much, I said yes! The days between my yes and boarding my flight seemed like only days apart (it was really months though). First flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles was a cake walk compared to what was ahead. In order to mentally prepare we decided to stay over in LA to break up the long travel. Great idea! When it was time for our 16 hour flight we were ready.

From LAX to Thailand we chose to fly with ChinaEastern Airlines, not too bad, the flight attendants were friendly and accommodating.


Upon arrival into Phucket, we were greeted by our driver which was arranged through our Airbnb host “Phuketas”. An amazing host indeed. If you are traveling to Phucket and wouldn’t mind a beautiful 4bedroom villa with amazing views, I strongly recommend you contact him.

*driver & chef were additional cost but certainly worth it.

My stay lasted a total of 10 days, 6 of which were in Thailand and I still feel like there was so much more to see. Here are some things to check out while visiting this beautiful, up and coming tourist favorite:

*SIAM NIRAMIT (Thailand’s must see show)

*Phucket FantaSea (the best show)

—both shows has the option of having dinner included, take advantage!

*visit the beaches (keep in mind the waters are extremely rough) swimming in the pool at your lovely villa is equally as cool.

*please don’t leave without painting Patong beach red! (My favorite part of the trip)

There are plenty of places to shop and have great meals… So throw caution to the wind, get out of your comfort zone and live with adventure. I sure did, this one time in Phucket.


Look for “Phuketas”

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