Mid-week video date💙

On this post, you don’t have to go anywhere.😊

As we all know adulting can be a bit much. Trying to balance family, work, school, household needs and somehow manage to eat somewhere in there… who has time to be social? The truth is being social is necessary.

You will enjoy better mental health. 

Interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being. One thing that will always help in improving your mood is to work on building healthy social connections.

So, my recommendation to you, is this, set up a mid week check in with your social circle. This is achievable through the many social media apps or Group FaceTime with Apple products.

All you have to do is schedule a time with your gang, grab your favorite chat snacks or you can make this happen while cooking dinner or doing chores… multi tasking is a blessing. Handling business & unloading your day through small talk and laughter with your loved ones without leaving the house or having to actually host someone at your house. Two birds, one stone for the win!


Try these or share some other app options with us.

The takeaway is this… work on building healthy social interactions, it makes life more enjoyable. Two will always be better than one.


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