Road Trippin’

When was the last time you took a road trip? For me, it has been many years. Well when I say road trip, I’m talking over a 5 hour drive. Well well well, guess who had a bright idea to do a family trip from Philadelphia to Atlanta — driving some 11hrs and 20mins from home to hotel. Boy was I trippin’.

Now, what I will say about my recent road trip is, the quality time spent with family was amazing.

The original plan was to fly as usual but I figured, hey it’s more cost effective to rent a vehicle and drive. Almost $2000 in flights versus approximately $500 for the rental (including gas and tolls). Sounds like an economical no brainer to me.

Fast forward to the fun part. Our Hotel of choice for various reasons (location, quality, cost)… landed us at The W hotel in Buckhead. This property has nice modern decor, colorful and lively. Our service was amazing. Although, it wouldn’t be my first choice had I been traveling alone (not in a large group).

Atlanta nightlife is always dope. You never know who you may run into so always plan to party like and with rockstars.

You can never go wrong with food options either… so if you decide to hang out in “The A” keep an open mind, try something out of your norm and fall in love with new experiences.

Here are some suggestions for eating spots:

  • Buckhead Diner- great lunch options with reasonable cost.
  • Tavern at Phipps- great atmosphere, lively, awesome food with reasonable cost.
  • Corner Cafe- delectable brunch options, large portions with reasonable cost.
  • And last but not least (Atlanta is overflowing with great restaurants)… you have to try Atlanta Fish Market.
  • Yumm yumm yumm!
  • Atlanta is a historic place laced with all the food and fun needed to satiate the desire for a quick vacation with all the perks. One weekend will feel like a week (if you do it right).

    So whether you fly, take the train or decide to road trip it on down to Atl… make sure you try these spots and don’t forget to tell them Chloe sent you!


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