A message to all my Jetsetters!

Dear Jetsetter,

Stop over packing.

Best Regards,


Like many of you I have been forced to learn to pack lite so i can experience an enjoyable vacation. I can remember the days of taking 7 or 8 pair of shoes on a 4 day getaway. I had the casual, dressy and then the just in case shoes bulging out of my bag. This only called for me to be bogged down with things that I knew I wouldn’t wear. I would take several different fragrances, three outfits per day, which was simply uncalled for, in retrospect.

May I suggest a few tips to help you consolidate and live more free on your getaway. First you have to commit to wanting to do better, then you have to prepare yourself to talk yourself out of the natural impulse to pack the “just in case stuff”.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Pack fabrics that require less ironing & steaming … and easy to roll up in your luggage.
  • Don’t pack too many shoes. One flat, one dressy and a comfy pair for traveling.
  • Take pieces that can be worn more than once, like your favorite jeans or favorite cardigan duster that can add to any outfit.
  • Stick to basic colors for your outfits so you are not tempted to bring a pair of shoes to match your cute little yellow dress. (If you need a pop of color, just bring a colorful scarf to spice up your outfit, problem solved!)
  • Make sure to pack travel size cosmetics
  • Don’t bring too many valuables or a lot of jewelry

Last but not least, be sure to consider the climate you are visiting. Weather wise and culture wise, be mindful & prepared to look your stylish best without being offensive. For example your little black drew may need to stay home if you are visiting the Middle East, your thong bikini may need to stay home if you are visiting Disney world and a suitcase full of sandals won’t help you in a rainy climate. Do the research on your vacation location before you go. I could go on, let’s just start with these baby steps to see if it makes for a better vacation…

& You can thank me later.


7 thoughts on “A message to all my Jetsetters!

  1. And this is why I let her do all the packing guys, she has a special gift In that category and she loves
    putting a lot of my things back🤦🏾‍♂️Well said babe thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know there are special events scheduled on cruises like the captain’s ball which calls for more formal attire. With that in mind, one extra outfit (& shoes) is allowed but you don’t need to keep switching outfits on a cruise. Focus on being free and the experience rather than modeling for the other passengers 😂. Make yourself free. 💙


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