Do Dubai Darling, it’s a must!

The more I travel and explore people, places and things for myself, the more I learn you have to explore people, places and things for yourself! I have heard many people talk about Dubai, I have read many articles on Dubai, in most cases the stories are about Gold, Shopping and Islam. I am glad that I got to experience Dubai for myself because, baby, there is so much more.

The People.

Nearly every person that I met and talked with, had very humble mannerisms, beautiful skin, beautiful hair and yes beautiful clothing. People were extremely helpful and polite.

The Weather.

The air is dry and the heat was brutal. But it’s something special about knowing everyday will be beautiful. The sun shining bright 99% of the time seems like a pretty cool place to live, right? The evening brought in a nice breeze to add the gorgeous scenery.

The Sites.

As you already know, Dubai is known for its extreme buildings and structures. To see them up close was simply breathtaking. In addition to seeing the sites by land, I thought of a great idea to take in the sites by air as well. I must say it was simply marvelous.

The Food.

I was impressed by the food, from sandwiches to seafood I found the food to be flavorful and sometimes spicy. There were plenty of clean eating options, which is always a plus. I learned that Lobster was pretty popular there and a good dish to try is the grilled, spicy crab.

The Shopping.

As you may have heard, this one of the best places to buy good quality gold and a great price… well that’s true. Awesome pieces with awesome prices. The clothing and fabrics were stunning and the prices ranged from hurry up and buy to straight up Ouch!

The Night Life.

One word. Poppin! The people were laughing, dancing and singing all over the place, something I did not expect because of the stories I’ve heard about how strict and religious Dubai would be. I mean yes it’s more conservative than most places but what’s wrong with that. No cat calling in the street, no Booty hanging out every where you look, no touching and grabbing in an inappropriate manner by strangers… doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

The Religion

Yes, Dubai is predominately Islamic, but there are other religions and all are addressed with respect. I learned that they put up Christmas trees in Dubai and that they are massive. The Christmas Spirit is felt among most of the people and celebrated with joy, now that’s much different than what I have heard.

The Experience

My experience was nothing short of amazing. Well, most of it. Let’s start with my flight. I flew out of JFK airport on Swiss airlines. That was the cost effective route to take, however wouldn’t be my first choice of airlines. The plus side is this, they feed you a lot of this flight. The down side is the seats are not comfortable, the armrest does not come all the way up (in case you want to snuggle) but again it’s cost effective so you cold definitely make it work.

Upon arrival, the car service was prompt and courteous. My holiday residence was the “Grand Millennium Dubai”. Check in was quick and sweet, just like I prefer. The accommodations were up to the five star quality level. There are several restaurants, two nightclubs and a cute little lobby bar. There was one staff member that went over and beyond the call of duty and boy was I grateful. The concierge, Ammin, took the time to find me some sinus medication. He went as far as sending a driver to the pharmacy. That’s what I call five star service.

Of course, when I’m Dubai, you must ride camels, so that was the first excursion I booked. An all inclusive tour… riding atvs, exploring the sand dunes of red sand desert, camel ride and dancing & fire show… with dinner. Whew, that was a lot. It took up a whole day but it was well worth it. A trip to Abu Dhabi was another must do.. so I did it. The grand Mosque & Ferrari world were the main attractions there so that’s where I headed. A Beautiful mosque & exhilarating Ferraris filled my day, then ended it with a massive lunch with lobster and shrimp everywhere. Two things that takes the top of the chart was my experience at Nikki Beach’s Red Party and the wonderful spa day. Out of all the excitement those two things could never be topped.

Darlings, Dubai is fabulous, but don’t take my word for it.. you must do it for yourself.

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