Brunch Babes 💙

Are you looking for a cute place to have good brunch? May I suggest, Rose Petal Cafe.

Every June, I set time aside to have brunch with my Babes. June 2019, Rose Petal Cafe was the location… and they were Amazing!

I reserved a quaint little room nestled away in the back of the restaurant. The back wall is all windows which makes for great lighting. The decor is classic and cozy. My addition of the violinist and double bass musicians set the whole mood for a beautiful brunch with a room full of beautiful women.

The service was outstanding, the staff were accommodating and smiling. Their attentiveness and execution will forever be one of my favorite memories of this day. The food was simply delightful & plentiful.

The rental space and cost per person was reasonably priced. If you are looking to have a cute quaint event, I say yes to this location. They will not disappoint.


Location is great, easy to find.

Attached parking lot

Great service

Good food

Good music

Nice Atmosphere

Reasonably priced


The beginning of planning my event, the wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. I believe there was a event planner position in transition. However, once Jania (special events contact person) took over it was smooth sailing.

So if you decide to brunch alone, on a date or with a bunch… try out Rose Petals Cafe and tell them Chloe sent you! 💙

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