South Africa for the Win!

Talk about Beautiful!

From the beautiful skies to the safari and over to the crashing waves… South Africa was Amazing.

Phase One: The flight. 14.5 hours, the flight time really wasn’t that bad. It was a straight flight that included 2 meals and a snack. As always the international flights offer a ton of movies, music & games to keep you occupied in flight.

Tip: if you are close enough to NYC and are trying to keep this trip economical, I suggest flying “South African Airlines”. Great price & straight flights. And if you decide that you would like to upgrade closer to your departure date SAA offers a bidding process for first class seating. You may get a first class seat for half of the original price.


I must admit leaving the airport made me feel a little weird. The guards at the exit gates were not so nice and seemed to be up to something. They pulled my driver over and asked for our credentials ( his paperwork & my passport). They asked me a ton of questions, then shortly after the interrogation we were dismissed. The driver informed me that this happens often and is meant to startle travelers and in some cases bribe them for money. So keep your eyes open about that.

Once officially in route to the hotel, the scenery was somewhat disturbing (actually very disturbing). People living on the street, washing their clothes on the curb and walking barefoot haunted me for the first 8 minutes of the ride. Then you turn a corner and it’s beautiful. Big Beautiful Buildings every way you turn. A drastic change from one street prior.

I stayed in the Nelson Mandela Square area. So many nice places to choose from, so many great sites to see.

Inside my hotel there was a awesome restaurant, “Maximillien”, the food was magnificent! The staff was attentive and accommodating. There was live entertainment during the dinner hours. Who doesn’t love great music during dinner with a fantastic view?

Maximillien didn’t miss a beat when it came to impeccable service.

After Dinner fun includes but not limited to, Energetic nightlife… where you can literally dance all night long. The music was universal and guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

Outside of eating and dancing, there are tons of shops & street markets in this area for your shopping pleasure.

Phase Two:

The flight to Durban. Only 45 minutes and boom another slice of heaven. The weather in Durban was slightly milder and it could have been me, but I think the sun shined a little brighter as well. The beauty of hearing waves crashing and seeing dolphins jumping every morning is a sign that you are in the right place, in my opinion.

Oyster Box Hotel offers amazing views, decadent High Tea, classic common spaces and A1 service. Simply perfect place.

If you consider South Africa for your future vacation, I know Cape Town is the typical go to for the beach lovers, however I strongly suggest Durban as your phase two choice. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time my sweet wanderlusts… and as always if you show up to any of these places… tell them Chloe sent you.